Christmas Stocking Stuffer

I am always trying to come up with fun ideas for stocking stuffers for my family at Christmas.  I usually try to put something in that either I have made or my husband has made.  He is a woodworker and has made some really cool things in the past like personalized cutting boards, clocks, etc.  I can’t compete with that…or can I?? Lol…I think these cool little lip balm favors are pretty awesome and I think my kids will really love them.  You might wonder if I am concerned they will see this blog and find out what they will have in their stocking…ummmmm, sadly I don’t think they read my blog 😉

I used the MFT Tall Tag Duo, Sending Smooches and Lip Balm dies/replenishments to create my fun little project today.

Lip Palm


Mft lipbalm pmLip Balm Mft Video

Process Video:

To see all of the details for this project, just click the link for the process video below 🙂


Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!!


XX Mari


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