Watercolor Art Journal

I was hoping to start doing more art journaling again in 2018 and decided last weekend to just do it…I love this process so much…it is like a good therapy session, except it’s free, lol.

I started my process with a reference photo as inspiration.  When we were in Ontario last summer, I was struck by the number of homes in Kingston that had a wild flower garden.  I love that so much;  these cone flowers were just growing wild in a garden in front of a home and I snapped this photo.


I started my layout by sketching the flowers into the foreground of the page and then went in with clear water to the top half of the layout where the sky area was going to be painted using some Mijello Mission Gold Prussian Blue.  Once that area was dry, I repeated the process, laying down water, then color for all of the other areas.


I finished the project with some white paint splatters, Gold Color Shine splatters, messy outlining and some alphas for the title (a quote from Hamlet).

Here is a link to the process video:



If you don’t have the Mission Gold paints, a great option are the Kuretake paints.  Here is a link:



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