I don’t take too many selfies, but I do take quite a few usies 🙂  I love this photo that I used for this layout.  It makes me smile!  When I look at how photographs have changed over time with the changes in technology, I often think about how our personalities and natural inclinations tend to come out and be more clear in the shots we are taking with these new devices.  I think it’s cool how our scrapbooks don’t just document the obvious, but they also document subtle changes that are happening around us that we don’t even think about.

The collection that I have used on this layout is called On Trend 2 from My Mind’s Eye.  What a beautiful collection full of gorgeous color and gold foil accents.  I love it!  This layout is very simple.  Nothing fancy, just a basic design.  What I love about it is that it captures this moment and this time…the magic of the usie 🙂


Here is a link to my process:


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