Living the Dream!

Do you remember your twenties?  I can…just barely 🙂  Maybe some of you are there now (lucky!)  I have two adult children in their twenties and they are certainly enjoying life…in fact I would have to say that in many ways they are living the dream.  They might disagree, but I don’t even think they visit my blog, so that’s OK 🙂

I love doing Project Life(PL) layouts.  I really think that 12×12 layouts and PL are the perfect companions, in fact I would compare them to peanut butter and jelly.  They just go together.  PL documents those every day kinds of events and 12×12 can focus on some one thing that you want to focus on.  Really you can make them to be what ever you like.  I am not a 12×12 snob, only professing to do that ratio and never venturing into the PL world, LOL.  I love to do both and definitely have both types of layouts in my albums.  I do not put boundaries on my scrapping.  I do what ever I feel like.  I don’t want it to become a chore or a job…I have lots of those already.  So in my craft room, guess what?  I think I am living the dream 🙂

This PL layout was inspired by my son’s recent vacation to Banff National Park in the beautiful Canadian Rockies.  He and two of his other engineering buddies loaded up into the truck on a Thursday after work and trekked off to the mountains for a weekend of fun. Well what is a mother to do but to text the girl that was on the trip and have her send me some photos 🙂  Sure enough, she did!!  So I got to do some scrapping of my son’s trip.  PL was the perfect fit.  You can scrap a bunch of photos in a double page spread (DPS) in a short time, and voila, you have documented yet another great event!!

I don’t have still shots of the layout, but I do have the link to the video!!


One thought on “Living the Dream!

  1. Love this post Mari. I’m slowly getting to read all of your posts. It’s so funny. The day I saw that I was your winner I didn’t watch your whole video. My excitement and jumping around doing my happy dance began as soon as you pulled my name. LOL. I actually watched the whole thing the day after & earlier that same day my boyfriend and I were talking about visiting Alberta possibly this winter to go to Banff. It looks like a great place. Thanks for the giveaway, this video and the info. 🙂 Oh.. check out my blog when you can. It’s new but I’m going to be working on it. Hugs!! 🙂 🙂


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