Honey Bee Stamps Happy Hearts Release

Hi friends! Honey Bee Stamps has a brand new release going live tonight! Be sure to check out all of the gorgeous new products!

I created this card using some of the new products from the release! I used the Hearts in Bloom layering stencil set and the Just For You stamp and die set.

Here are links to all of the new products at Honey Bee Stamps:

*A Little Note – 5×6 Stamp Set: https://shrsl.com/3vv9m [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Little Note – Honey Cuts: https://shrsl.com/3vv5k [HoneyBeeStamps]

*A Little Note – Set of 4 Coordinating Stencil: https://shrsl.com/3vv5m [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Bee Creative 1″ Wax Seal Stickers – 28 pack: https://shrsl.com/3vv5q [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Bee Creative Wax Melting Furnace: https://shrsl.com/3vv68 [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Best Of Everything – 6×6 Stamp Set: https://shrsl.com/3vv6f [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Best Of Everything – Honey Cuts: https://shrsl.com/3vv6j [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Clover Petals – 3D Embossing Folder:https://shrsl.com/3vv6n [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Crystal Glimmer Enamel Stickers – 135 Count:https://shrsl.com/3vv6s [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Damask – Background Stencil: https://shrsl.com/3vv6v [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Damask A2 Cover Plate – Honey Cuts: https://shrsl.com/3vv6x [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Foil Script: Love Hot Foil Plate & Honey Cuts:https://shrsl.com/3vv70 [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Foiled Fluttering Hearts A2 Cover Plate: https://shrsl.com/3vv76 [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Friendship Frame – 6×6 Stamp Set: https://shrsl.com/3vv7a [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Friendship Frame – Honey Cuts: https://shrsl.com/3vv7h [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Friendship Frame – Set of 6 Coordinating Stencils: https://shrsl.com/3vv7n [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Gingham – Happy Hearts Paper Pad: https://shrsl.com/3vv7w [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Hand Made – Wax Stamper:https://shrsl.com/3vv7y [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Happy Hearts – Pearl Stickers – 210 Count: https://shrsl.com/3vv80 [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Happy Hearts – Wax Melts: https://shrsl.com/3vv81 [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Happy Hearts Gem Stickers – 210 Count: https://shrsl.com/3vv83 [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Happy Hearts Paper Pad: https://shrsl.com/3vv84 [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Happy Mail – Wax Stamper: https://shrsl.com/3vv86 [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Heart Hugs – Honey Cuts: https://shrsl.com/3vv88 [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Hearts In Bloom  Layering Background Stencils: https://shrsl.com/3vv89 [HoneyBeeStamps]

*It’s Always Been You – 5×6 Stamp Set: https://shrsl.com/3vv8b [HoneyBeeStamps]

*It’s Always Been You – Honey Cuts: https://shrsl.com/3vv8d [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Just For You – 6×8 Stamp Set:https://shrsl.com/3vv8h [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Just For You – Honey Cuts: https://shrsl.com/3vv8j [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Love & Luck Potion Labels – 4×6 Stamp Set: https://shrsl.com/3vv8m [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Love & Luck Potion Labels – Honey Cuts: https://shrsl.com/3vv8n [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Love A2 Cover Plate – Honey Cuts: https://shrsl.com/3vv8p [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Love Love Love – 4×5 Stamp Set: https://shrsl.com/3vv8r [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Love Love Love Sentiments – Honey Cuts: https://shrsl.com/3vv8s [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Love Potion Jars – 4×4 Stamp Set: https://shrsl.com/3vv8w [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Love Potion Jars- Honey Cuts: https://shrsl.com/3vv8z [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Lovely Layers: Pansy – Honey Cuts: https://shrsl.com/3vv92 [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Lovely Layers: Strawberries – Honey Cuts: https://shrsl.com/3vv93 [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Opulent Layering Frames – Honey Cuts: https://shrsl.com/3vv96 [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Simply Stated – 6×6 Stamp Set: https://shrsl.com/3vv98 [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Simply Stated – Honey Cuts:https://shrsl.com/3vv9a  [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Spring Medley – 3D Embossing Folder: https://shrsl.com/3vv9b [HoneyBeeStamps]

*Terracotta Planters – Honey Cuts: https://shrsl.com/3vv9e [HoneyBeeStamps]

*With Love – Wax Stamper: https://shrsl.com/3vv9i [HoneyBeeStamps]

*You’re A Keeper – 5×6 Stamp Set: https://shrsl.com/3vv9j [HoneyBeeStamps]

*You’re A Keeper – Honey Cuts: https://shrsl.com/3vv9l [HoneyBeeStamps]

Happy Shopping!

Product links are affiliate links. If you purchase a product with these links, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! Thank you so much for supporting Mari Clarke Creations and Honey Bee Stamps! All opinions are my own!


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