Leaving Home

I finally got back to art journaling last weekend…you know what? …it was so awesome 🙂

It’s been waaaay too long!  The process of art journaling is just so very therapeutic for me.  I had some things I needed to just work out and I always find that art journaling helps me to do that.

I do really love to just get into my products and go for it.  I don’t always know where the process is going, but I find a way to work  through my supplies to create something fun.  I felt like using some watercolors on this project, so I chose a watercolor field book in large format as a base for the journal entry.  The paper in this book is 140 lb. cold press; it has a nice tooth to it and takes the watercolors like a champ, lol.  I hope you are inspired to get out your mixed media products and get messy!


Here is the link to the process video over on YouTube:

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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