Bitmoji Love

Do you have an Avatar?  I got the Bitmoji App a while back and created my little person.  It’s fun!  I use it lots with my family back and forth.  I thought it would be fun to create a scrapbooking layout with some images of my Bitmoji, expressing my love for coffee and my frustrations with not being able to drink it.

I used lots of product from Lovely Day and Oh My Heart.  I really love these two collections; so much fun to work with and I love how they go together.  I sometimes get the pieces mixed up, so I wanted to include the links to both collections in case you want to check them out a bit more.

Paige Taylor Evans’ Blog:

Dear Lizzy Blog:

Here are some photos and the link to the process:

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2 thoughts on “Bitmoji Love

  1. Love this page I was going to add the app to my phone but when it read that it would be able to access all your info, emails and msg you have on you phone I quickly deleted it tho it looks like it would be a lot of fun… maybe I am too cautious great page!!!!!


    1. Hi Val, You can go into settings/general/keyboards and turn the access button off for Bitmoji so that the App can’t access your keyboard. Then you can use the images from the App itself and import them into a text. I think that should be safe. I felt the same way you did about giving the app access.
      Thanks for stopping by and for the lovely comment 🙂 Have an amazing day, Mari


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