This Crazy Beautiful Life, August 2016


Life is so amazing!

What a crazy summer it has been! Firstly, it went waaaay too fast; secondly, it was full of some crazy twists and turns.  In the month of July, we celebrated my niece’s wedding, only to be abruptly followed by the flooding of our little town.  I will post a few photos of the flood below.  Only days after the flood, Jordan (my son) and I were to leave for Paris (a trip we had been planning for a very long time).  So we decided to go ahead with our plans, and I left in haste, my house turned upside down and a community on edge.  So many people in town lost so much in the flood.  We were very fortunate and had very little damage.  My daughter and her boyfriend came home while I was away and put the house back together.  We had moved many items to the top floor of the house to ward off as much damage as possible.  I really appreciated coming home to my organized house.  Meanwhile, my husband was in the middle of shingling our house!!  Not a great thing, considering the fact that we had 10+ inches of rain.  While I was away, that also got finished.  Crazy!  The great news is that Jordan and I had an amazing time!!  So, since I have been back I have been busy with a variety of things (garden, back to school work, etc) including crafting; yay!!!

I am going to post some projects and links that I have been working on.  I won’t get everything posted, so check out my YouTube channel for process videos and details of projects completed. Here is a link to my YouTube channel:


Felicity Jane Kits

I have been having so much fun working with these beautiful kits over the last few months.  I started a subscription about five months ago, and I am so happy with the kits.

Guess Who I Lifted?

Guess Who I Lifted? is a series I have been running in July and August on my YouTube channel.  This has been a lot of fun!  I have appreciated the support my subscribers (old and new) during this series/contest.  I will post some images of projects I have done and the video links:

The winner for the July contest was Kim Thomas.  Make sure you enter the contest on my channel by commenting your guess and subscribing.  Winner will be announced at the beginning of September.


This has been so much fun to work on.  I have learned so much during my research!!  These are such talented and amazing women!!


Some Photos of the Flood of 2016


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