Prompted: Creating Projects With Prompts

Finding inspiration is often a struggle when working on projects.  Inspiration can come from many things, for example you may simply be inspired by a photograph.  But there are those times when inspiration just simply seems no where to be found.

What I have decided to do to deal with this is to create a book of prompts.  My prompts may be anything, for example a quote, a mood board, a word, etc. I have several projects created for my Prompted series on YouTube.  I will include some photos and some video links for you to check out.  I am hoping this will help you too when you get “stuck” in your crafty ventures 🙂


This photo is a close-up of a recent art journal layout I did.  The prompt was “messages for my children”.  I titled this layout “Listen Close to Me”, which is a line from the Shel Silverstein poem on the layout.  This layout focuses on children and I wanted the images to be whimsical and fun, almost as though a child had created them.

Here is a link to the video:


One thought on “Prompted: Creating Projects With Prompts

  1. Absolutely great what you did here … so challenging and it turned out wonderful, childish and perfectly matching your theme! Congrats!
    Stumbled upon you december daily videos on youtube and love your kind of art and your way to do it very much!
    Thx for sharing with the world, i think i will do my next december daily with th same check list of themes like you did!
    Pls keep on sharing!


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